Feels Like Waking Up / by Emily Ellis


The winter months are long here. I made plans with friends, and cancelled. More than once. I always underestimate the strength of the cold and it’s ability to make the simplest things so much trickier. Both physically and in my head.

It takes forever to roll up, but spring, when it comes, feels like a party. You want to celebrate the joy of sun hitting your bare skin. Your heart flutters seeing the green return to the hills and the colour everywhere.

We didn’t cancel! Yes! And my girlfriends and I went to Hillside Orchard with the kids on Friday. We took one of their new picnic packs (the first ever we’re told) to the rows of blooms and felt the clouds of winter lift a little.

I hope you’re shaking off those winter blues too wherever you are. And if your heading into autumn then enjoy! And remember to go easy on yourself in the cold.