The Railway Children / by Emily Ellis


“I haven’t picked up my camera for three weeks!” Were Helen’s words to me last week. And that, frankly, is a travesty. (Sure, she was out running half marathons and stuff, but Pfft!)

We organised with our friend Emma to go to one of the most filmic locations in the Central West, it also happens to be wonderfully undiscovered.

Emma’s husband restores and repurposes old trains. You cannot fathom the history tucked away in this little paddock somewhere between Molong and Wellington. I got shivers down my spine standing in a two-story carriage exactly like the ones I caught to school every day for six years in Sydney. There were very old timber trains, “Red Rattlers”, trams and trucks everywhere.

Of course, we took our kids. And do you know why I love shooting the kids with Helen so much?

(Let me just preface this by saying that love exquisitely dressed children – I do. And this is in no way disparaging of that.)

But, my kids dress themselves – questionably. Evie likes a bit of pattern on pattern. Torsten (after playing three games of rugby that morning) point blank refused to get out of his rugby shorts and filthy t-shirt. My kids also live in bare feet all year. At the moment it's bare feet or Ugg boots - nothing else. (And as they wanted to go in bare feet – to a metal and broken glass playground – Uggs was the compromise).

You can imagine my joy (and relief) when I turned up with my dirty, Sunday afternoon children and found Helen’s just as “creative.” Minnie - like an animal-print cowgirl and Austin wearing a self-made cape and a red panda on his wrist. Both Evie and Minnie still had red and green colour in their hair from their netball charity game on Saturday.

I loved catching some “behind the scenes” shots of Helen too. I think she’ll have some absolute crackers on Instagram shortly.

Here's to being explorers. Is there anything better?  I think our next film location is locked in too. Evie and Minnie can be seen practising their best Zombies below.

Thanks Emma, Helen and your small humans.

xx Em

Also, if you have two seconds please leave a comment and tell me your favourite!! I never know which ones to put on Instagram. Please help!