Heart Stick / by Emily Ellis


At "Old Redbank" in the heat of last Sunday morning we stopped by the gates down to the creek. Apart from a murky green puddle, it was dry from months of very little rain. As we got out of the utes there was an outbreak of squawks and flaps above us. A pair of wedge-tailed eagles launched themselves into the sky, scaring away a flock of galahs and a few stray magpies. They circled slowly around us, every bit as interested in studying us as we were them. 

Later, Layla sat wrapped in her dad's arms on a log bridge before excitedly announcing "heart stick!" and pointing furiously to something below. She wouldn't stop till we had all found and acknowledged what she had seen. Sure enough, a little living heart-shaped root was growing out of the gum tree we were sitting under.

I don't have many words for this post. As I edited their photos this week I kept admiring the way Anthony's wife and children were physically surrounding him. His older children and his daughter's partner effortlessly coping with the trials of the younger, less predictable kids. A family moving through the landscape together. 

Just keep swinging Webb family.

Fuck Cancer.

xx Em