Park Life / by Emily Ellis

Into the rays!

You would never know that five (out of six) kids cried during this photo shoot would you? A bright Saturday afternoon in Cook Park, Orange was perfect for some formal family shots including one with all thirteen family members. As usual when they weren't being staged or asked to look at the camera the magic happened. I loved catching these bright sparks being themselves.

This shoot (and the prints and photo book that will be made from it) is a present for Grandma and Poppy. I’m firmly of the belief that photo shoots make outstanding gifts. They are "moments not things" and perfect for anyone who has no need or want of more “stuff”.

We had to wait for not one but two bridal parties to move out of the elm tree tunnel so I could get the group family shot (which I won’t put on the blog because Pop wasn’t too keen on being on the blog. Nor in the shoot. Hehehe.)

My favourites are Mum getting big leaf bombs dumped on her by her darling sons. A piggyback with Grandma and anything with Isaac’s dimples. I commit to providing 50 images but as yet I’ve never given a family less than 70.

Hope these make you smile.