Postcards From Home / by Emily Ellis


When I was 15 I was allowed catch the train from the suburbs of Sydney into the city. I’d walk across the Domain and visit the Art Gallery of NSW. I loved everything about it; the great grand rooms, the library downstairs, the cool stillness of it all. I think often about the hall on the right with all the early Australian landscape painters. I marvelled at the way they painted clouds, water and light. I never expected to live amongst the kind of landscapes depicted. At the end of my visits I would stand in front of the art postcards in the gift shop and treat myself to as many as my budget would allow. (I had a part time job in a fruit shop - two shifts a week I think, and earned about $7 an hour.) Based purely on this memory I’ve printed packs of postcards that will be on sale at the exhibition. “Postacrds from Home” 10 cards for $15. These photographs aren't all in the exhibition but rather are my favourite scenes from Central Western NSW.