Snow and Love. / by Emily Ellis

"How did you meet?"

You will hear it and ask it many times. And you'll love listening. Because we've been telling and re-telling that Hollywood rom-com about falling in love for a very long time.

What I really want to ask and be asked is;

"How are you going - being married (de-facto, domestic life partner) for years? With kids and jobs and in-laws and school and making new friends and keeping old friends and housework and laundry without end, and, and, and.

It's hard isn't it?!"

My husband and I reached our ten year wedding anniversary on Sunday. I think that's hugely worth celebrating. In fact I'm going to make a point of celebrating the decades bigger each time.

We did something we've never done. We stayed in a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains. All our family holidays up to this point have been camping. I love camping, but it's also been out of financial necessity (that's a whole other blog post).

It was truly special staying in a place with heated floor tiles and a spa bath (the kids had two baths a day).

On Sunday night we talked about marriage. My husband googled marriage statistics (so romantic are we), 42% fail. But if you make it a decade that drops hugely. Two and three decades and it becomes pretty unlikely.

I wish they made more films about that. About what people go through and how they keep it together. Loving on, despite huge and sad and complicated things. Moving countries, losing family members, even losing children. I think there's more Great Love Stories amongst those parts of our lives than any one of those will-they? wont-they? Kiss and happily ever after stories. 

So here's to love, and catching that love in photographs. Which shall for now both remain to me works-in-progress.